The Future of Television is Here

For many Australian families, the lounge room is the central hub of the household, with the humble TV playing a major part in that. We gather around the television screen nightly, to cheer on our favourite sporting teams, watch season finales of top drama series and laugh together at the latest movies. With the rapid rise of technology… Read More »

We’re now using Xero (and Freshbooks)

Update: We’ve decided to continue using Freshbooks for simply beautiful invoicing with Xero integration. We’re delighted to announce we have upgraded our accounting software to Xero. What is Xero I hear you ask? Well, Xero is online accounting software for your small business. We believe this upgrade will enable us to grow our business and maintain the high level of customer satisfaction we… Read More »

Meet our boy!

Update: Now back to work and responding to the mountain of requests. Thanks for your patience. I am proud and delighted to announce my fiancé, Bonnie, gave birth to a healthy boy. His name is Cameron Aart McLauchlan. At birth, Cameron weighed in at a healthy 4.31kg (4lb 8oz) and measured 53cm long. To enjoy these precious moments ahead,… Read More »

Angus McLauchlan