If you use the web, you should read this. I get new customers calling me with malware on their computer or as victoms of tech support scams.

Often the threat got on the computer by a dodgy advertisement on a website. Fake news outlets, malware developers and scammers, all use ad networks as a channel to our devices.

I do the usual clean up but the real value is in the last step, installing an adblocker. My customers are impressed with how much cleaner, faster and safer the web is without ads.


Install uBlock Origin on Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

iOS - iPhone, iPad and iPod

For mobile phones and tablets the options are different.

AdBlock for Mobile (free / pay what you want) or Purify (paid)

Android - Samsung, Sony, Huawei, etc

If your phone/tablet isn’t made by Apple, chances are it’s running Android software.

  1. Get Firefox
  2. Install uBlock Origin for Firefox