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If your business is setup with Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, you have taken a crucial step in streamlining your business.

This also means your organisation is eligible for Support Plans by IT Solver.

We understand the needs of cloud-based businesses so we can support you through any technical challenge.

Whether you are solo or up to 50 employees, when you run into something you don't understand, IT Solver has the expertise to walk you through it.

Support Plans FAQ

I only want to pay for what I use. Do you offer on-demand or pay-as-you-go technical support services?
Yes, at our company, we understand the value of flexible, tailored services. We offer a one-time, pay-as-you-go, On-Demand Support option. You only pay for the support you need, when you need it. Book our On-Demand Support.
What is a Support Plan?
A Support Plan is a monthly subscription that provides you with access to IT Solver's team of experts. We can help you with any technical issue you may have with your computer, network, software, hardware, mobile devices and more.
What kind of things will you do?
Lot's of things! Check out the full list of requests we can handle.
What kind of things won't you do?
Any bigger jobs like moving equipment, installing Wi-Fi, migrating data, working on servers and hardware repairs. Check out the exclusions list at the bottom of this page. We do have a dedicated team for projects and hardware repairs. Contact us if you need this kind of work.
How does it work?
Once you have signed up, email or phone in your request. Or join a live chat on our website. We’ll get on it and email you back when it is complete or if we have any questions.
What is a user?
A user is defined as one personalized email address (you@yourcompany). Group email aliases such as sales@yourcompany and support@yourcompany are included in pricing and don't count as additional users.
How do I buy and pay?
Choose plan above and complete the sign up form. Payment details will be requested when we call you shortly. We accept Visa and Mastercard.
What is the payment plan?
We offer a flexible payment plan. You are billed monthly. For more information on pricing, contact sales.
Where is on-site support available?
Premium customers receive free call outs in the Redlands and surrounding suburbs.
Is there a call out fee?
Premium customers within the service area have free call outs. Return travel time of more than 1 hour from Cleveland to the customer's address is billed at $50 per 30 minutes.
If I'm on the Support Plan require a call out, what are my options?
Generally most issues are resolved quickly over the phone or internet. Customers on the Support Plan can request On-Demand support which are billed separately.
What priority is given to a request?
High: Product/service is unusable.
Normal: Use of product/service is significantly affected.
Low: All other questions and bug reports
Do you offer email accounts?
Yes. You may purchase email accounts separately.
What isn't included?
Data migration is not included and is billed separately. Please refer to our list of Support Plan inclusions and exclusions for more details.
Have more questions?
Contact us.

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Please review IT Solver's Terms and Conditions for further details on IT Solver On-Demand support offerings.

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