On-Demand Support

Technical support at on-demand rates.

Setup Computer

$240/ device
  • Run through our checklist to setup your computer right.
  • Connect your computer to the network.
  • Take care of security.
  • Connect and test printer and scanner.
  • Install up to 5 programs.
  • Customize default apps to make you more productive.
  • Sync email, files and bookmarks for one user.

Data Recovery

$150/ hour
  • Assess whether the drive is suitable for recovery. If not, you will not be charged for the service
  • Attempt to recover data on one (1) drive
  • Review your current backup solution and make recommendations to avoid further data loss
  • Advise on how to access recovered files and assess if files are corrupt, if required

Install Multi-functional Photocopier for Business

$275/ printer
  • Expertise to handle networking questions.
  • Provide local administrator access to install printer software.
  • Assist with installing printer drivers on up to 10 computers.
  • Setup secure scan to email with Google or Microsoft.
  • If required, setup scan to network folder.

Insurance Quotes

$120/ device
  • Perform diagnostics on 1 device
  • Supply a report advising Repair Estimate
  • If Not Economical to Repair, we advise Replace

Modem and Wireless Network Setup

$240/ modem
  • As part of our Modem setup service we’ll visit your place and
  • Includes connecting the modem router supplied by the ISP or customer to the internet via a ethernet connection
  • Connect up to 5 wireless devices
  • Change the SSID name and password as agreed with customer and record for customer in customer red folder
  • Measure the wireless internet speed in 3 locations in the home
  • All cables neatly concealed
  • Clean up and remove rubbish

Network Add Data Points

$120/ data point
  • We use CAT6 for speeds of up to 10Gbps.

Network Design

$150/ hour
  • Visit site for visual inspection
  • Assess feasibility and analyse current and future network requirements
  • High level network design


$99/ home network
  • Add a new device to an existing network
  • Configure a homegroup or shared folder between 2 connected devices
  • Troubleshoot connectivity between networked device to determine communication issues
  • Review current network setup and make security recommendations
  • Assist in updating and changing known network passwords

On-Demand Quick Support

$75/ request
  • Provide one quick solution.
  • Available for remote support or secondary on-site requests.
  • If it turns out to be more complex, we provide a quote for an appropriate solution.

On-Demand Support

$275/ request
  • Purchase a single incident of support for a system or network configuration issue.
  • Supported platforms: PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Google, Microsoft + other popular brands.
  • Free call out within service area.

Maximise Your Business Potential with a Systems Health Check

$275/ visit
  • In person IT audit (in Brisbane) or remote session.
  • Identify areas you are doing well.
  • Professional recommendations for business growth.
  • Help deciding on Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 for your business.
  • Help using features if already subscribed to Google Workspace or Microsoft 365.
  • Business technology strategy to meet your goals.

Switch to Gmail

$225/ account
  • We will make sure you keep receiving emails from the old address.
  • Setup a new gmail account.
  • Copy contacts from existing email setup.
  • Forward new emails from existing account to gmail.
  • Turn on security enhancements in Gmail.
  • Help you advise friends and family of your new email address that you will still receive emails from the old address, but to update their records.

Troubleshoot Performance

$275/ computer
  • Run through 12 steps to identify and resolve performance issues in Windows or macOS.
  • If hardware is faulty, then we provide a quote for the best solution.

Troubleshoot Printer

$275/ printer
  • Perform troubleshooting steps to isolate printer issue.
  • Resolve printer driver, software, network or configuration issues.
  • If printer hardware is faulty, then we provide a quote for repair or replacement.


$200/ hour
  • Examples include
  • Tips on using and navigating your operating system or programs
  • Advice on email, Skype and other communications tools
  • Using the internet and finding things online
  • Security advice and best practices to avoid viruses, protect your personal information and stay safe online
  • How to use parental controls to protect your family

Virus Removal

$275/ computer
  • As part of our Virus Removal service we’ll,
  • Identify and remove any malware or adware on one (1) computer
  • Mitigate and repair any issues caused by malicious software
  • Review your current security setup and make recommendations to avoid further infection

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