People moving to Southern Moreton Bay Islands are having a hard time getting ADSL internet connected. The reason is there are currently no ADSL ports available at Macleay and Russell Island exchanges. The same applies to Lamb Island and Karragarra Island which is linked to Macleay and Russell Island, respectively.

Unfortunately there isn’t a waiting list. If you’re keen for ADSL, then keep applying with your preferred Internet Service Provider until a port becomes available.

What about the nbn?

Late 2019 - early 2020 couldn’t arrive sooner for island residents when the NBN is expected to be progressively available.

What about mobile broadband?

Yes the alternative is to use mobile broadband or hotspot on a smart phone. Some people live purely on mobile data which is a remarkable feat considering data-hungry software updates and Netflix.

But my part of the island is like a blackhole for mobile signal

Tell me about it! Mobile reception on the islands is like swiss cheese. Fortunately though, I’ve seen 4G modems go from no signal to blazing fast after plugging in an antenna.

Do I have to mount the antenna to the roof?

A roof mounted 4G/4GX antenna will yield best results. Only in some cases are roof mounted antennas necessary to get good enough speeds. Either DIY or try an expert like Telco Antennas.